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Learn to Cook with Neven by Neven Maguire
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Learn to Cook with Neven by Neven Maguire


Neven Maguire is back with his new cookbook Learn to Cook with Neven to help children – and adults – to learn valuable cooking skills and how to produce scrumptious meals in 4 easy steps

In his wonderful new cookbook, Learn to Cook with Neven, all members of the family will be inspired to step into the kitchen and learn to cook with Neven. With sales of over 100,000 cookbooks and his MacNean House and Restaurant always booked out, Neven knows what it takes to turn a meal into a memory. Neven is also a busy father to his twins and knows how important it is to introduce cooking skills from a young age.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw many people turn to cooking as a form of escapism, and it became clear that adults were not the only aspiring chefs drawn to baking banana bread – with many young chefs getting into the kitchen too. From Junior MasterChef to the emergence of Food Tok, it’s clear that kids can cook and love to cook. This mouth-watering and eye-catching cookbook is the perfect companion to any cooking enthusiast – not matter what age you are!

Learn to Cook with Neven will equip children and adults with skills for life. Featuring basic kitchen and cooking tips on chopping, beating, whipping etc, with a first-ever focus on how to photograph food like a pro for sharing online. It’s the perfect first (or fiftieth) cookbook for readers of all ages. From s’mores brownies to pizza pinwheels, kids will love exploring cooking through Neven’s 80 delicious fail-safe recipes that are easy to follow while still packing a flavourful punch.


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