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The Gemma O'Connor Story: Why not a Warrior
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The Gemma O'Connor Story: Why not a Warrior

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This is the story if a young girl who became a warrior.

Gemma O'Connor made that decision early! She chose to become that warrior, and refused to allow anything to come in the way of her and her team.

For two decades, she was an irrepressible force on the Cork senior camogie team, and when she finally retired in 2021, she did so as on of the GAA's "Holy Trinity" - joining Kilkenny's Henry Shefflin and Mayo's Cora Staunton as the holder of all 11 Star awards. 'Why not a Warrior?' tells the story of a young girl who discoeverd within herslef an ability to compete and to win. And to be a leader amongst women.

'Why not a Warrior?' is also a book that inspires. It is a vitally important book, not just for young people who are striving for succes in the sporting arena, but those of all ages who are struggling to express themselves for who they are in this life.

Gemma is the most decorated camogie player in the modern history of the game. Gemma is a sergeant in the Irish army. And Gemma is a role model for all young women, and men, who want to be open and comfortable about their sexuality.

Gemma won nine All-Ireland senior titles (2202, 05, 06, 08, 09, 14, 15, 17, and 18), and she was also recognised as an All Star six times in succession, showing her ability to be a warrior in both defence and attack.

Her story is one of amazing courage. On the field. In war zones.