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An Gaeilge Ó Lá Go Lá Irish Day By Day CD x 2
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An Gaeilge Ó Lá Go Lá Irish Day By Day CD x 2


This book  aims to provide a structured reader to help the learner access everyday spoken Irish. As regards conversation, the book covers basic fundamentals of the spoken language, i.e. who you are, where your are from, shopping, homework, school, pastimes, holidays, health, current affairs etc.
The book may be used in the school classroom,, the night class or at home as an independent learner. As regards grammar, the copula is covered in the early portion of the book and the ordinary verb is then dealt with in the past, present, future, conditional and imperfect (both active and autonomous / impersonal). Other grammar points include numbers and adjectives and a short Grammar Appendix is provided at the back of the book which should be of some help to teacher and pupil alike.
The Glossary will prove a most useful tool for the learner and the Ben Madigan Press Website provides 70 English to Irish translations based on the texts which make up the book.
It is hoped, then, that Irish Day by Day – as a learning package with the book and on-line material – will help those who are trying to learn, and use, the essentials of everyday spoken Irish.