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Rachel Quinn

Rachel comes from a Fine Art background, having studied painting and ceramics. Since finishing college she has pursued her passion for clay. Rachel Quinn
Rachel worked in a large pottery in England and on returning to Ireland she worked with Micheal Kennedy Ceramics, Sligo.  Rachel set up her own workshop, next to her home, in the shade of the Ox Mountains.  She has been running her own business since 2003 and has found that there is a huge interest in her work as people are looking for original pieces.
Living in the north west of Ireland in a rural setting it is impossible to deny ones relationship with nature and the paths travelled by the ancient. As a person you develop an acute awareness of the seasons and the ongoing cycle of past, present and future, of being part of these changes and a sense of belonging to the land and the ancient line from which we are descended. As an artist this influence is very exciting, always new and intriguing with endless possibilities in form, colour and texture.” Rachel Quinn 2009.

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