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Ogham Wishes

Ogham writing is Ireland's Ancient script, often found inscribed on standing stones and in sacred places throughout ireland's rural landscape.

Ethel Kelly's award winning range of hand painted OGHAM WISHES continue to enchant and delight.  At her traditional workshop in Knockcroghery village in County Roscommon each Ogham is individually painted by Ethel on handmade paper and beautifully framed in a contemporary black wooden frame.

They are quite charming in their simplicity! Special commissions are always welcome and are surprisingly affordabe.  Custom marriage plaques consisting of both names together in one frame are extremely popular wedding gifts.  A child's name painted in Ogham makes a thoughtful and unique gift for a newborn baby.  Ogham Art can be used to mark nearly any occasion.

While uniquely Celtic, Ogham Wishes have a universal appeal.  Each Ogham gift is accompanied by an explanatory text outling the history of Ogham writing with the Gaelic and English translations.  Ogham Wishes artistically celebrate Ireland's ancient culture and heritage.

Ethel's workshop is located on the site of a famous Irish Claypipe factory in the village of Knockcroghery in County Roscommon.  Knockcroghery was renowned for the almost 300 years for the production of clay pipes or duidins.  By the late 1800's virually the entire village was involved in the manufacture of the pipes which were distributed extensively throughout the country.  They were smoked by both men and women and were predominantly the pipe of the common man.


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