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Natasha Duddy Designs

Natasha Duddy Designs is a well established contemporary Glass Design Company based in the North West of Ireland.

Natasha designs an creates unique pieces of kiln fused dichroic glass to make into unique pieces of jewellery.  Every piece of fused glass jewellery is handmade in her studio, using Bullseye fusing glass and Dichroic glass.

Natasha continuously product new designs, which have a stong contemporary feel, boasting vibrant colours and bold lines.  Dichroic glass filters ligth so that the colours within seems to change as the glass moves and thus you can fully appreciate the stunning colour combinations and mesmerizing reflective effects of the glass.  Each piece of jewellery is hand cut, shaped, layered and finally fused using advanced fusing techniques in specialist glass kilns.  All designs are highly individual and exclusive with no two pieces exactly the same.
natasha duddy designs

The innovative and contemporary fused glass and sterling silver, is inspired by strong vibrant colours and bold geometric designs.  Natasha offers jewellery, suitable for all ages and occasions at affordable prices - whether you're looking for a present, a wedding gift or something for a special occasion.  Every item is boxed in a quality, branded gift box.

"The true beauty of dichroic glass cannot be captured exactly on any photograph.  It is only when it is worn or held in the natural light, that you will appreciate how unique and beautiful each piece really is.  Natasha knows you will be totally hooked once you purchase your first piece of dichroic glass jewellery".
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