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Mil Íocshláinte All Natural Balms

Mil balms and natural oils are made from the finest ingredients, carefully blended to make wonderful, beauty, healing, protecting and luxurious products.  Mil Balm, includes Lip Balms, Foot Balms, Hand Balms, Body Balms, Beauty Products, Oil Blends and more.  All our Balms and Oils are hand crafted from the finest natural ingredients. 





Mil is the Gaelic for honey and honey is one of nature's greatest gifts.  The other great gift that bees give us is their beeswax, which is one of the natural ingredients in many of our balms.  Beeswax, natural organic butters such as Unrefined Shea and Cocoa, along with wonderful essential oils form the basis of our skin care products.  We carefully select and blend the finest natural ingredients to create the Mil skincare and wellbeing range - 100% natural and handcrafted for you.   

From bee to you



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