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Karl Hulme

Inspired by the artistic work of ancient celts, this range of glassware has been designed and painted in the Gaelacht area of Donegal.

The different colour combination have been chosen to reflect either the beautiful lakes and surrounting landscape of the area in which the pieces are created or the fiery nature of the warrior celts of a bygone age.
Karle Hulme
Using techniques and skills developed by Karl over the years each glass is crafted with great care.  Karl takes many hours to bring to life each piece; ensuring a rich, glowing colour, to give the impression of stained glass, heavy pewter and decorative bronze, silver and copper lines.

Each piece of this unique range of decorative glassware can be used as an eye catching focal point or when displayed as a collection a stunning blaze of colour in any room.  Karls glass art aims to combine original contemporary design, a flavour of the past and the love and care of traditional craft.

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