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Clocks, mirrors and picture frames made from recycled Irish slate.  Designed and handcrafted in Ireland

Working entirely in salvaged slate, Mauricio Martino and Monica Daly of Heartworks create distinctive clocks, mirrors and picture frames. Each piece is hand-made in their Tullamore studio and exhibits the strengths and vulnerabilities of the material.

Their designs feature etched patterns and decorative flourishes of metallic paints in earthy rusts, golds and bronze.

“When you work with recycled slate you have to assess each piece of slate individually – and understand its attributes before you begin to work with it. Slate is rich in character and personality with each slab offering individual features. Essentially, the slate dictates the end result,” Mauricio explains. “The finished design is a surprise every time.”

Heartworks also work to commission – creating larger pieces that offer more scope and creative freedom. It is often these one-off pieces that will inspire a new range of products, a new use of colour or introduce a new style or shape.


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