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 Celtoi Designs

Celtoi Designs is a small craft and artistic enterprise based in Dundonald, not far from the iconic Stormount Parliamount buildings in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  It was created by Adrian McAleese around 7 years ago and since then Adrian has quickly made a name for himself, having come to the attention of exclusive stockists and clients from showings at many prestigious trade and craft exhbitions around the country.
Celtoi Designs
The Celtoi Knot Poem
Adrian believes that his self-penned poem adds appeal for the discerning client and differentiates his product.  He has found that the poem, truly reflective of Celtic Mythology, really resonates with people in search of more than simply a "souvenir" - something that is deeper and more meaningful than it might appear at first glance.

"for me the Celtic knot tells the age-old story of life, how we travel along our own journey, how we meet and influence others, the twists and turns our lives take and how it really never ends.  My customers kept asking me about it so I wrote the poem to explain it and now this poem is very much part of the product and it appears on everything I design.  I have found that the poem and Celtic mythology really resonates with people who want to buy more than just a product something that is deeper and more meaningful than it at first might appear.  Call it "mystical marketing" if you wish, but I firmly believe that the inclusion of the Celtoi Knot Poem enhances the value of each Celtoi Designs gift."  Adrain McAleese, 2009.

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