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Celtic Fields

Every small corner of Ireland has its own special name and belongs to a townland. This land division, unique to Ireland covers the whole island. It can be any size or shape. Ireland is divided into approx. 64,000 townlands, some covering thousands of acres, others especially in the west of Ireland cover only a small field.

Each townland has its own unique name. The meanings of these places are links to the past, referring to the landscape, the people or some great event. Sometimes the original meaning is lost in the mists of time.

Celtic Fields presents your townland, village or street on a parchment 12cm by 16cm. This beautifully presented document, complete with details of your own family looks great mounted on your wall. The background design incorporates the Celtic significance of your homestead.

Celtic Fields details all aspects of your little piece of Ireland, its location, history, archaeology and more importantly the families who lived there. It lists families and peoples from the earliest records to modern times.

This unique history of your homeplace can be tailored to show the history of your family. It can be customised to suit any family.
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